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TheGamingLaptop is widely recognized as the premier source for all things related to PC games. For over three years, we have been dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of the PC gaming industry. With our global presence, we offer print editions across the world and round-the-clock access to news, features, esports coverage, hardware testing, and game reviews through our online platform.

Our commitment to PC gaming is further reflected through our annual PC Gaming Show at E3, which serves as a platform for showcasing the latest and greatest innovations in the industry. At our website, we take great pride in the diverse and talented international team behind our stories and events, which you can learn more about by visiting our staff page.

We strive to remain at the forefront of PC gaming news and events, and our dedication to the industry is second to none.

Editorial Policies

For the past 3 years, TheGamingLaptop has been a leading source of critical analysis and news related to PC games and hardware. Our topmost priority is maintaining honesty, accuracy, and transparency in all our content. Our review policy, hardware testing methods, and affiliate link disclosures are clearly explained on their respective pages.

Despite our best efforts, we acknowledge that we may not be perfect. Therefore, in case we make any errors, we take responsibility and promptly rectify them. If you notice any mistakes or have any complaints, please refer to the contact information provided above to get in touch with us.

At TheGamingLaptop, we strive to maintain the highest standards of journalism and hold ourselves accountable to our readers.

Why Trust Us?

At TheGamingLaptop, we are committed to maintaining our independence and ensuring that our reviews and best lists are not influenced by commercial considerations. We do not accept any money for reviews or placements in our best lists and buying guides.

From time to time, our team receives invitations to attend shows or try out products. While we appreciate these opportunities, they do not affect our opinions or coverage of the products or games. However, they enable us to cover certain products or events that we might not have otherwise been able to.

The majority of products that we review are provided by the companies involved, as a result of our review requests. We carefully select products that are worth reviewing and only accept those that meet our criteria. Additionally, we always return products on request or at the end of our agreed loan period.

We are proud to maintain our high standards of journalism and ethical practices in our coverage of the PC gaming industry.

You can read more about our approach to reviewing and scoring in our guide, which includes what our scores mean.

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