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TheGamingLaptop team

TheGamingLaptop emerged as a public platform in the year 2018. Since then, its team of proficient writers has been engrossed in providing in-depth coverage of all aspects related to PC gaming hardware. Currently, we are a globally recognized team, with our members dispersed across various regions such as the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the individuals who are the driving force behind TheGamingLaptop’s success today.

Shoaib Nawaz

Shoaib Nawaz

Global Editor-in-Chief

Expertise: PCs and laptops, gaming and gaming accessories

Shoaib Nawaz is Editor-in-Chief. I’ve been reviewing hardware and software, devising testing methodology, and handing out buying advice for what seems like forever; I’m currently absorbed by computers and gaming hardware. I’ve written about gaming hardware and comparison according to speed, performance, price, battery life, and others by using the new research technique Intuitionistic 2-tuple linguistics set. By using this technique, he can choose which laptop is best and can compare different gaming hardware with different criteria like a screen, CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD, battery life, and other more. He has published several research papers in International Journals.


Michael Bizzaco

Editor in Cheif

For the past decade, Michael has been a writer for TheGamingLaptop, where he began as a freelancer covering a wide range of topics, from free games to massively multiplayer online games (MMOs). Subsequently, he became a full-time news writer and later moved on to reviewing immersive simulations, role-playing games (RPGs), and Hitman games in the magazine. Presently, Michael is at the helm of TheGamingLaptop US team. Despite his leadership role, he occasionally takes time to share his ongoing obsessions with games such as Destiny 2, GTA Online, and Apex Legends with his readers. When not busy leveling up his battle passes, he explores the latest tactics game or revisits Guild Wars 2. He is largely credited with inventing the Tub Geralt phenomenon, and though he does not express any remorse, he takes full responsibility for it.

Chris Livingston

Chris Livingston

Managing Editor and Hardware

After juggling my time between a gaming startup and freelance journalism, I landed in eCommerce at TechRadar to fill Brendan’s shoes as Deals Editor. When the gaming hardware bug bit a couple of years later, though, I followed him over to the GamesRadar team to find more gear to spend my paycheck on. I’ve written for Tom’s Guide, Wireframe, The Indie Game Website, and That Video Game Blog, and also had a bizarre appearance on a TRT World news panel discussing the video game Hall of Fame. You’ll find me covering a range of consoles and accessories at GamesRadar, though I have a particular interest in Nintendo Switch, PS5, and PC gaming. You might see me talking about NFL from time to time as well.

Tabitha Baker

Editor in Chief

Tabitha is a devoted player of video games, an audiophile, and a fan of colossal mobile phones and lightning-fast gaming computers. She holds the position of editor-in-chief at TheGamingLaptop, being the initial Black woman EIC of a renowned consumer tech publication. Having spent over three years writing about consumer electronics, Tabitha is a seasoned journalist who has contributed to various publications like Black Web 2.0,,, and She is an authority in her domain, having appeared on CNN, Fox News, Cheddar, and several panels discussing the pleasures and pitfalls of technology and gaming. Apart from enjoying a fine bourbon or scotch, she is delighted by gaming hardware and software, top-of-the-line technology, all things audio, as well as virtual, augmented, and mixed reality and audio.