Best Touchscreen Gaming Laptop 2023

Dell XPS 13 9315
Dell XPS 13
Lenovo Yoga 6
Lenovo Yoga 6
Lenovo Legion 5 Pro
Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

Best Touchscreen gaming laptops at every size and price

Ever since mobile devices have taken the world by storm, the act of tapping and swiping on screens has become an assumed feature of newly purchased tech gadgets. However, attempting to touchscreen gaming laptop in your local electronics superstore may be an endeavor in futility as the probability of receiving a response versus leaving an oily fingerprint is a coin flip at best.

Touch screens have become a standard element in modern computing, but not every laptop comes equipped with one. It is a feature that requires intentional consideration when making a purchase. For certain gaming laptop categories, it remains unclear if touch capability is supported. For others, the nature of the device either guarantees touch capability or precludes it entirely. Understanding the difference is key. While all of the listed machines in this article possess touch capability within their respective categories, determining which is best for your needs requires further examination. Continue reading for our top picks of touchscreen gaming laptops in 2023, accompanied by what you should know regarding touch panels in laptops.

Best Deals on Touchscreen Gaming Laptops – Our Top Picks

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1. Cheaper Surface Touchscreen Gaming Laptop

Dell XPS 13 9315

Dell XPS 13 9315 touchscreen laptop


Processor: Intel Core i5-1230U
Graphics: Intel Iris Xe
RAM: 8GB, 16Gb
Display: 13 inch
Storage: 512GB, 1TB SSD
Weight: 1.60 pounds
Battery 49.5 watt-hours
Dimensions: 11.50 x 7.90 x 0.29 (inches)

Best for

+ Midrange price
+ Solid build quality
+ High-resolution webcam
+ Good productivity performance
+ Excellent productivity display

Avoid for

– Keyboard lies flat
– Folio has limited angles
– No headphone jack
– No integrated kickstand

Today’s Best Deals

Price: $1399

The Dell XPS 13 9315 Intel i5 512GB SSD 3K 2-in-1 Laptop is a versatile and powerful device that offers a combination of performance, portability, and functionality. The XPS 13 9315 features a sleek and premium design with a durable aluminum chassis. It has a compact form factor and weighs just under 3 pounds, making it highly portable. The 2-in-1 design allows you to use it as a traditional laptop or flip the screen to use it in tablet mode. The hinge feels sturdy and smooth, enabling easy transitions between modes. The laptop boasts a vibrant 13.4-inch 3K (3200×2000) touchscreen display with excellent color reproduction and sharp details. The thin bezels around the display create an immersive viewing experience and maximize the screen real estate. Powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, the XPS 13 9315 delivers reliable performance for everyday computing tasks and multitasking. The processor is capable of handling productivity applications, web browsing, and multimedia consumption with ease. The laptop comes with 8GB of RAM, which is sufficient for most users, but power users might benefit from upgrading to 16GB for more demanding tasks.

2. Best Budget Touch Screen Laptop

Lenovo Yoga 6 Ryzen 5

Lenovo Yoga 6 Touchscreen gaming laptop


Screen: 13 Inches
SSD: 356 GB
CPU Model: AMD R Series
Graphics Coprocessor: Integrated Graphics, AMD Radeon Graphics
Weighs: 2.9 lbs

Best for

+ Fast performance
+ Unique fabric lid
+ Good battery life
+ Solid keyboard and touchpad

Avoid for

– Sometimes Fan become excited at unexpectedly
– Certain keyboard flexibility
– The fabric cover might not suit everyone’s preferences

Today’s Best Deals

Price: $677

I have devoted considerable time to this device, and thus far, I am thoroughly delighted with it. The ability to split the screen into quadrants is far more practical than I had initially envisioned! Unfortunately, the only drawback, which ironically was one of the reasons I was initially drawn to it, is the denim cover. It possesses an adorable aesthetic, but the edges are rather delicate, and I am concerned about potential fraying due to the signs of wear I have already noticed. Additionally, as someone who adores both denim and adorning my laptop’s top surface with stickers, I face a predicament. Alas, one cannot have both luxuries. Truly, these are the dilemmas of a privileged society.

For basic tasks such as browsing the web, handling emails, and watching videos, I rely on the Lenovo Yoga 6, and it performs admirably. Furthermore, it effortlessly manages my video editing software and most of my “casual” games. The screen exhibits vibrant and vivid visuals, the solid-state drive operates swiftly, and the AMD Ryzen 7 processor effortlessly handles every task I throw its way. While I personally do not utilize the touchscreen feature extensively, the screen appears to respond well to touch input. The touchpad functions adequately, although I usually deactivate it in favor of a mouse. Specifically, I use a Bluetooth mouse, which works splendidly. The keyboard is reasonably comfortable to type on and features two brightness settings for its backlighting.

In terms of connectivity, the Lenovo Yoga 6 offers a range of ports. This includes a couple of USB-C ports, one of which serves as the charging port. Both USB-C ports also function as Display Ports, and I acquired a small USB-C hub with HDMI capabilities for connecting to external displays when necessary. Additionally, it includes a standard USB-A port and a combination headphone/microphone jack.

As I personally tested that 18-hour battery life, achieving such longevity requires reducing screen brightness and maximizing power-saving settings. In my real-world usage, I typically obtain approximately 6 to 7 hours of battery life since I prefer a brighter screen and refrain from limiting performance.

3. Midrange Touchscreen Gaming Laptop

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

Midrange Touchscreen Gaming Laptop


CPU: AMD Ryzen 7-6800H
GPU: RTX 3070 Ti
Screen Size: 16″
Processor: 165Hz WQXGA IPS
AMD Ryzen 7-6800H

Best for

+ Excellent multi-core performance
+ Smooth and fluid gameplay
+ Handsome 16-inch screen with 165Hz refresh
+ Mostly comfortable keyboard
+ Screen is vivid and easy to view

Avoid for

– Noisy cooling fans
– No SD or microSD card slot
– A tad overweight, with enormous power brick

Today’s Best Deals

Price: $1599

As I tested it by playing games and everything worked smoothly. No issues at all regarding thermals, screen flickering or weak wifi. I can’t say anything bad about this laptop yet. The only thing I wish it had is a fingerprint scanner like I have on my Lenovo work laptops. It comes with almost zero bloatware except for the third party virus software. It runs modern games without an issue at all at a reasonably high FPS for a laptop machine. Very happy with this purchase. The keyboard touches the screen when closed. Do not buy if you plan to carry it around. A couple MM of thickness would have allowed a non-interference fit. Otherwise, Thermals are great, screen is great out of the box and everything works well. Even the speakers are good for a laptop. There is minor problem that realtek network card, network card only 1GBE, HDMI port instead of DP, Lenovo application is bad, nahimic audio, BIOS config does not work well with touchpad. Disable fast startup if your battery is draining while shutdown, disabling charging while powered off in the Lenovo app may also help.

Advantages of Touchscreen Gaming Laptops

  • Improved Interaction: Touchscreen displays allow players to interact with games in a more immersive way, making the gaming experience more engaging and fun.
  • Portability: Touchscreen gaming laptops are generally more portable than traditional gaming laptops, making them a great option for gamers who travel frequently.
  • Versatility: Touchscreen gaming laptops can be used for more than just gaming. They can also be used for productivity, media consumption, and general browsing.

Disadvantages of Touchscreen Gaming Laptops

  • Cost: Touchscreen gaming laptops can be more expensive than traditional gaming laptops due to the added cost of the touchscreen display.
  • Battery Life: Touchscreen displays can drain a laptop’s battery faster than a traditional display, which can be problematic for gamers who play for extended periods.
  • Durability: Touchscreen displays are more prone to damage than traditional displays, which can be an issue for gamers who want their laptop to last for several years.

How Do Touchscreen Gaming Laptops Compare to Traditional Gaming Laptops?

Performance: Touchscreen gaming laptops generally have the same level of performance as traditional gaming laptops, although some models may sacrifice performance for the sake of the touchscreen display.
Display Quality: Touchscreen displays are generally of the same quality as traditional displays, although they may have slightly lower refresh rates.
Design: Touchscreen gaming laptops tend to be more compact and lightweight than traditional gaming laptops, which can be a pro or con depending on the user’s preferences.

Key Features to Look for in a Touchscreen Gaming Laptop

Display Quality: Look for a laptop with a high-quality touchscreen display that has a fast refresh rate and good color accuracy.
Processor and Graphics Card: The processor and graphics card are critical components for gaming performance. Look for a laptop with a powerful processor and dedicated graphics card.
Cooling System: Gaming laptops generate a lot of heat, so a good cooling system is essential to prevent overheating.
Battery Life: Look for a laptop with long battery life or one that can be easily charged on the go.
Storage: A touchscreen gaming laptop should have ample storage for games and other media files.

Final Thoughts

Touchscreen gaming laptops are an excellent option for gamers who want a more immersive gaming experience and the ability to interact with games in a more engaging way. They are portable, versatile, and offer the same level of performance as traditional gaming laptops. However, they can be more expensive, have shorter battery life, and are less durable than traditional laptops. When shopping for a touchscreen gaming laptop, look for one with a high-quality display, powerful processor and graphics card, good cooling system, long battery life, and ample storage.


Can touchscreen gaming laptops be used for productivity and general browsing?

Yes, touchscreen gaming laptops can be used for productivity, media consumption, and general browsing, in addition to gaming.

Are touchscreen displays more prone to damage than traditional displays?

Yes, touchscreen displays are more prone to damage than traditional displays, especially if the laptop is dropped or mishandled.

Can touchscreen gaming laptops be used with a traditional keyboard and mouse?

Yes, touchscreen gaming laptops can be used with a traditional keyboard and mouse, which can provide a more familiar and comfortable gaming experience.

Do touchscreen gaming laptops have shorter battery life than traditional gaming laptops?

Yes, touchscreen displays can drain a laptop’s battery faster than a traditional display, which can result in shorter battery life.

Are touchscreen gaming laptops more expensive than traditional gaming laptops?

Yes, touchscreen gaming laptops can be more expensive than traditional gaming laptops due to the added cost of the touchscreen display and other hardware components.

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